My hanash while in medschool post #1

  1. Sana alam ng mga classmates ko kung paano pahalagahan yung chance na binigay ng parents nila para makapag medicine sila. Kasi sa totoo lang? Naiinggit ako dahil baka isang sem lang ako. Takot na takot akong magstop at bumalik sa dati kong buhay. Kahit may scholarship ako ay di pa rin sapat para mabayaran ng buo yung tuition fee ko for four years. Kaya sana alam nila na may mga kagaya ko na gustong gusto mag aral ng medisina pero di namin kaya. Kung pwede lang at kung gusto na nila himinto ay ako na lang oag aralin ng parents nila eh. Aba! Wala na yatang mas sasaya pa sa balitang yan. Lord, praying pa rin po ako sa provision at yung person na mag ssponsor ng tuition ko. Alam niyo po kung gaano ko kagusto itong ginagawa at gagawin ko pero di ko maiwasan na matakot kahit konti dahil pag walang pera walang tuition tapos po wala na sa medschool. Nakakaiyak. Nakakalumo.
  2. Sana naappreciate nila yung daily allowance nila na di sila namomroblema kung kulang na ba o hindi dahip andiyan si Mom at Dad. Ako kasi kailangan ko mag benta ng puto pao sa canteen para may extra budget. Lord, dumadaing na ako sayo please po. Sana naappreciate nila lahat ng meron sila. Di patas ang buhay.

My West Visayas State University-College of Medicine Experience.

West Visayas State University-College of Medicine is in La Paz, Ilo-ilo. It was one of my dream MedSchools because if I pass there, financial burdens wouldn’t be that much of a concern for my Mom. Why? It has the cheapest tuition fee (or 2nd to the cheapest)!! A couple of years back and the total matriculation falls under the range of 20 to 23,000 pesos per semester (compared to 109,000 to above your roof tf here in Manila) and according to a friend, last year tf was actually free 😀 Aside from that, the DOH partnered with WVSUCOM to provide scholarships for the students and this is the DOCTORS TO THE BARRIO program. Wherein the students get to have a scholarship to study medicine, and financial support as well but the catch is, the student should comply with the return service. Oh did I mention that WVSUCOM PLE rating was really impressive?😅

Going back to my WVSUCOM experience, I will share to you my journey during my application process, interview and the day that they released the list of accepted students. So please bear with this lenghty entry! 😊😁



  1. Like the usual preparation of requirements, everything has to be ready before I mail my application form to them. I downloaded the form from their website and followed the procedures indicated. Since the school is located in Ilo-ilo, a friend of ours (Hi Sir Perry and Fam!) paid the 400 peso application fee directly to the cashier and sent me the receipt here in Manila. But payment can be done also through bank deposits.
  2. I submitted my application form together with the receipt and other credentials 1st week of February so I can make it in the 1st batch. After three days, I emailed the registrar to follow up if they received my papers.
  3. So now we wait..
  4. The list of 1st batch of applicants for the Interview was released around 2nd week of April. And yeah, I got in for the interview. I was so nervous because I know there was an initial screening done 😭
  5. I immediately booked a flight since my interview was set on April 27. I was hoping to get a cheaper flight from Cebu Pac but boy, everything was above 4k per trip. So I tried Air Asia and got around 3,900 pesos for a roundtrip ticket.


  1. I arrived at Ilo-ilp Airport on April 26 around 4pm. Thanks to Sir Perry and fam again for fetching me from the airport and to the place where I will stay. Since my Mom has a lot of friends in UP Visayas, I got free accommodation in UP High School (thank you, Sir Jules and Ma’am Sydna😀)
  2. I woke up (or maybe I wasn’t able to sleep) at 4am and prepared myself for my 9am interview. I was rehersing my answers to the common questions an applicant will hear.
  3. I arrived at the school around 8 to 8:30 AM and there were a lot of students and parents waiting. Most are freshgrads and some are like me, young at heart 😂 Initially, in the list for April 27 interview (because there were 2 sub-batches that were already interviewed; we were arranged alphabetically) has only 80 students. But on that day there were 160 students 😂
  4. There were quite a lot of instructions posted. We have to go to the 2nd floor first for us to fill out 7 pages of basic info sheet, answer a couple of essays and get our name tags. We were divided into 6 groups (surname basis) and we went back to the 1st floor where the rooms were located.
  5. I was included in the 1st seven students to be interviewed in our group. Wew! There were also 7 doctors inside waiting for us. They seemed friendly and welcomed us with warm smiles.
  6. After the introductions the first question was “how can you sell yourself to us?”. So avoiding the “bida-bida” and “bibo kid” in me, I let another bibo kid answer first ahahahaha each of us got a chance to answer and the doctors will ask a follow up question if needed. I think 3 out of 7 lives outside region 6 and this means a lot for a hopeful student residing far from Ilo-ilo because WVSUCOM only gets 20% of the total accepted students from outside region 6. Anyway, other questions asked were “what was your biggest regret in life? And given the chance, what would you do to correct it?”, “who will support your schooling?”, and the craziest was when we were given a situational question about seeing our dad in the cinema with some girl watching Avengers. It brought out answers on how we value the truth and our family. After 30 mins. we were told that we’re done with the interview and we just have to wait for the list of applicants who are accepted for SY 2018-2019.

The dreadful weeks of waiting for the result came out.. and nope, I didn’t make it 😅 out of 540 applicants for batch 1 (and I’m not sure with the total number of applicants for batch 2) only 120 students were accepted. 80% are from region 6 and the remaining is comprised of students from other regions in the PH.

Honestly, I was really sad because I mentally prepared myself to live there like it will be my first time to be away from my Mom (it’s just the two of us na lang kasi so kinda hard even mag dorm) it will be my first time to live alone.  But that’s life, there are more people that are better than me, but it won’t be the sole basis if I can be the best doctor that I aim to be. Time to move forward and check the next opportunity. 😊

Speaking of that, I got a Scholarship from another Medschool here in Manila before I had my WVSUCOM interview so maybe that school is where God will plant me and mold me. 😊

Sorry for the lenghty post 😅 It’s never too late for that MD dream as long as you are decided and you want to achieve that despite the hardships included in the package. 😊❤


NMAT 101: Tips and Reminders in taking that Golden Ticket

NMAT season is just about to come and I have here few points to ponder about while you are preparing to ace that test!

Remember that a very impressive NMAT percentile score is your gateway to your dream Medschool. NMAT has two schedules in a year; the first is every March and the second is every October. Usually there are more NMAT takers during October. You have to register online at the CEM’s website then follow the instructions indicated there. You have to read it thoroughly because there are specific instructions that you have to follow.

After your successful registration and payment you will now wait for the room assignment and the test day itself. Of course, you will not in vain, you have to armor yourself with all the things that you need to study for the exam. Anyways, NMAT will send you a review material so this can be enough but if you want more resources then you may do so. Some students enroll in a review center so it really depends to you.

NMAT covers 2 parts: Part 1 is for the mental ability and the part 2 covers your academic proficiency. In the Part 1, you have to prepare for Verbal, like word analogy, and reading comprehension. Inductive Reasoning is about tricky figures, letter and number patterns, some of it you never seen before. So practice! Practice! Practice! This part also includes Quantitative Reasoning or simply your Arithmetic skills, algebra, graphs, and questions from different Math topics. Lastly, the Perceptual acuity (my fave!), you have to familiarize your self of the technique that will work best for you to identify what is being ask. There are mirror images, hidden figures, and identical information.

Part 2 as mentioned is about your academic proficiency so those subjects are Biology, Chemistry, Social Science and Physics. My tip to you is to focus more on the subjects that you are not good at or having difficulties with. Expose yourself with questions from those subjects and try to find out why a certain option is not the correct answer.

The exam will be very heavy and can build up pressure in you. This is like your golden ticket in that dream Medschool. In addition, there are few more things that you have to be aware of.

During the test day, the CEM people are now very strict in giving the test. So please take note of these:

  • Don’t bother to bring any type of wrist watch. They will just ask you to remove it.
  • Remove the label in your water bottle.
  • No calculators, other gadgets or CPs guys!
  • You can buy your lunch prior to the start of the test but the guards will not allow you to eat it inside. They will be asking you to leave your food outside the building. What i did was to place my well covered food together with other foods and just leave a mark on the cover so I know that it is mine.
  • Make sure to bring at least 2 valid IDs.
  • Bring a jacket or sweater.
  • Be time sensitive. I know I told you not to bring any wrist watch but you can kindly ask the proctor to remind you in the room how much time if left for you.

I think I said it all but if I missed something you can read other blogs or watch vlogs about NMAT tips. 🙂

You cannot control the content of the exam but with preparation, prayer and that motivation to start the steps in becoming the doctor you dream to be, I believe that you will ace that test! If you didn’t get the score that you want, you can always take it the next time, plan another strategy (uhm not cheating) and do well in the test.

Good luck future doctor!



Medstudent but not yet enrolled hahaha!


UPDATE: Yey! Enrolled na ko! 😊 thank you, God for the blessings!

When things should be over.

When things should be over between that job that kills your potential to be that best employee that you can be, remember how hard you prayed for the employers to set you an interview and hire you. Remember how good it feels to tick off your to-do list while aiming for that career growth. If it is really what you want as a career then give a good sigh and then go on.

When things should be over with that over weight body of yours, then you should be motivated enought to be healthy. Healthy in all aspects of your life. You will be committed in the beauty of discipline in keeping your calorie intake balanced, exercising, avoiding vices, and in choosing healthy thoughts over desastrous ones.

When things should be over with that toxic friend, then cut it off. You don’t need that source of drama in your life. If all he/she sees are issues that are way too petty to begin with then run far away. This is on top of advices if the friendship involves financial dependency. If that “friend” uses you for him/her to borrow money from you and forgets the payment details? Then cut some strings.



When things should be over with the one you love, then think again if being apart from him/her would be the best solution. Like if this involves cheating honey, R U N! Or if this is on the verge of physical abuse and other red flags. But if you have issues that you keep on fighting about to the point that all you see is the ugly phase of your love, think quite long. Assess if the issues are worth the time. If you feel that love is the only thing that keeps you together then stay. I personally believe that love is such a powerful drive to change people for the better. That love is a force apart from the wonders of Science that shapes an indivudal to be an infectious source of encouragement, belief, inspiration, forgiveness, and resilience. If choosing that person over and over again is the best part of the day, then hold on. If you lose the illusion of that person to be the perfect-the-one and all you see are fragments of broken self, then be gentle in picking him/her beacuse you might get wounded too. Help in rebuilding. Nurture in healing. Stretch every ounce of patience that you have because one day, it will all make sense. One day, that person will thank you for staying and for being his/her best support through all the things you both went through . Stay. Please stay and always choose the proper action for the ‘I love you’ that always tell him/her about.











I’m tired, that’s it. No more longer things to say. Just tired. And this is the usual times that I am reconsidering to do it again. To end the pain and crying again. To end it and not to feel anything at all because it is done. 





Hope died

It is when you start loving death and fearing hope. Because hope is really lonely.

Tuwing alas kwarto nang umaga,

ang aking gunita’y mula’t kahit hindi pa handa. 

Nagigising sa mga patak ng luha

na akala ko’y tapos nang madama.

Mga bagahi ng puso’y nagkalat sa kama, 

pagpulot ‘di alam pa’no magsisimula.

Tuwing alas kwarto nang umaga,

bumubuhos ang iyong mga ala-ala.

The Perfect Timing

It seems random, confusing, and unplanned but try to trust the process. Let go of the addictive control. Don’t interfere in God’s works. And in time you’ll see, the painful puzzle pieces of you will fall down towards the majestic blueprint of your being then it will all make sense to you. But for now, be still.

Have your “me-time” at Homme n Femme Salon :)

“Remember to pamper yourself

With all the stress and pressure that bumps into your day to day life, don’t you think you deserve some glam-up time? Come on! even just a short sesh in a spa or mani-pedi at the end of the day? ohh how about treating or adding some color at your crowning glory? hah! I got a place for you! Take a visit at this one year old salon in Kamias Road, Quezon City, the Homme n Femme Salon, where you can surely beautify, relax,  and even meet new friends!

As mentioned, the salon just turned one year old last July 4 but they will deliver their services like they’ve been the pros in this career for a long time. I’m blessed to meet some of the owners of the salon when I had my hair done. Sir Lloyd and Sir Jerry 🙂 along side with their friendly staff.

Also, since everyone was so friendly, I got the chance to meet another costumer who seems to be enjoying her “me-time” as well, Dr. Jackie (Hi Dra! I hope I got the spelling right 😀 ) She’s very inspiring and accommodating. I pray that God will continue to shower her and her family blessings and good health.

What’s really exciting about their salon is their promo that gets cooler every month (you really have to see this!). check out the photo below for their November promo.

 reasonable prices plus warm service!                                                                                                *photo from Homme n Femme Salon Facebook page


I had brazilian keratin treatment and I’m not allowed to wash my hair for three days. This treatment lasted for almost an hour. Next month I will be having my hair colored:) woootwooot! Through our conversation, I found out that they do offer hair and make-up services too! What matters to them is the costumer to experience superb service so they will be back for another one, better if they invite others to try their salon.

So if you want to visit the salon, or you have other inquiries you may check out their facebook page here -> Homme n Femme or book a schedule through their contact numbers at : 0917-8529910 or 0997-5032411.

My over-all experience in their salon was so worth -it! I will definitely have my hair pampered here again.

Sometimes it takes a little courage to step up and make changes for yourself like coloring your hair.. or just improve what you already have.

Have a good hair day!